The girl who knew too much

Book tittle: The girl who knew too much.
Book Author: Vikrant Khanna
My Rating: ⭐⭐⭐/5
Total pages:-213
Genre:- Fiction
Publication house: Pengune Random House India

About the book: ” The girl who knew too much”

The tittle of the story is very intriguing and the story itself is a mixture of suspection, romance and mystery where a thirteen years old girl, after losing her mother in a car accident feels devastated and starts spending most of her time in solitude at a local park where no one seems to notice her except one day, this gentleman Harvinder aka Harry helps to dissolve some of her pain by receiting a incident of his own life.

[The incident potrays a romantic love story of Sahiba and Siddharth who loved each other and were about to get married in few days but little did she know that her life is going to change in a minute or two, the love of her life was knocked off in a car accident.. Facing this harsh reality of Siddharth’s death, Sahiba fell to the floor with a thud wailing in her mom’s arm expecting a miracle to happen by doing a thousand good deeds. Oh! I forgot to mention about this gentleman Harry, who met a car accident and turned into a ghost who could now hear the pain of people, also claimed to love Sahiba. Out of his love for Sahiba, he planned to help her in performing many good deeds and finally Sahiba got Siddharth as her guardian angel.]

On hearing this incident of Harry, it became difficult for Akshara to believe on him and his existence but she also wanted her mother back which dropped her in to a dilemma- whether she is a believer or a cynic??

My opinion:- It was an average read for me.. The story surely gives off some positive vibes. The overall narration is neat and easily understandable. I liked the way characters are connected to each other and also appreciate the author’s idea to push the reader’s mind to understand whether they are a believer or a cynic, but again, what I disliked is the overdramatic cheesy love story..
I recommend this book to starters as it is convenient to read and will help them in building reading habit.


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