It’s MAGIC!! Yes, literally. I declare myself as a fantasy junkie after reading this book called “Inkredia” by @Sarangmahajan.

After I came across many pleasant and satisfying views about this book in #bookstagram, I chose to read this book and I can happily admit that this book didn’t disappoint me at all.
I could imagine the whole plot playing in front of me as I dug deep more into it. The characters were well driven and the reader can actually feel the emotions attached with the characters.

The book is a fantasy novel with lot of magical creatures who have their own supernatural powers. It basically portrays the life of an ordinary herb collector Luwan who lived with his sister Meg and a magic book that their mother entrusted them before she passed away. Life starts getting worse when Luwan fails to pay his taxes as there was a rule in the kingdom – whoever braved to decline the tax payment faced the brutal punishment of the king “Lord Gruwak” which is none other than “DEATH”. Hearing about the punishment, Luwan decides to take help from the magic book which suggested them to leave their village and start a new journey. Little did he knew, a book and a medallion which their mother entrusted them would change their destiny. Unfortunately, the king’s dark force attacked him which forced them to go for an adventurous and mysterious journey. Those dark forces were powerful non humans with wings which made Luwan’s journey dangerous and inescapable.
Now, here comes a twist in the story, where they luckily found a savoir named ” Kiliarn” who did every possible thing to keep the siblings Luwan and Meg safe.

What do you think why was Luwan chased by the king? – Is it only for a mere tax payment or is there some conspiracy hidden within? Curious to know? Read the book to know more about it.

My review:

The language is lucid. I felt this book deserves the reader’s time and attention. The slow you read, the more you can visualize the plot and feel the magic happening.

I loved the map drawn inside the book which displays the uniqueness of the book and helps the reader in understanding the dynasty.

At last, I have many questions unanswered which I feel can only be answered after reading the other books of this series. So, I ‘m eagerly waiting for the release of the next book of this series. More magic is in your way😉.

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