A very “SOLEMN” discussion.

The advancement of technology has made man dependent on his smartphone & Internet for all his needs. Internet & smartphones has given man easy access to everything while sitting at one place. Social networking, online shopping, storing data, gaming, online studying, online jobs, every possible thing that man can think of can be done just through a few clicks of his smartphone. With the development of the internet & smartphones, their related benefits also developed the concept of cyber crimes. A few of them are cyberbullying, hacking, stalking & revenge porn.
I would like to appreciate the author @anagsha, for shedding light on such a solemn realism through her crime thriller novel “What did Tashi do?” which takes the readers through the traumatic journey of a cybercrime victim.

The main protagonist “Tashi Chotten” was a beautiful young woman from the North east working as a graduate trainee in a firm in New Delhi. Four years back, she broke up with her boyfriend Akash, as he questioned her dignity. He was the same person with whom she had experienced the most intimate moments of her life. They used to share their extremely personal photos and videos of their intimate moments over their smartphones. Though Tashi deleted all those ‘personal stuff’ after her break up, but Akash chose to do otherwise. One night, when Akash was hanging out with his friend Ravi (with whom he used to share Tashi’s most personal photos after their break up), they met a stranger named “Amish Grover” in a bar, where they were gossiping about the beauty of north-eastern ‘chicks’ and it was the first time, Amish got a glance of Tashi’s most intimate photos which instigated him to see more of such photos. As Akash was drunk, it was a golden opportunity for Amish to get access to Akash’s cell phone. So, he offered to drop Akash home. In their way home, Amish unlocked Akash’s cell phone using his fingerprint and transferred a folder which had approximately 300 items in it. Gradually, Amish’s urges soared and he desperately wanted to see more stuff as such. To satisfy his urges, he finally he played his ultimate game.

He had hacked Tashi’s Facebook account somehow and easily got access to her emails and phone number and started traumatizing her in every possible way for 5 long weeks which deteriorated Tashi’s mental and physical health . After a few days, luckily, Tashi came to know that her best buddy Manav was in town and she rushed to meet him in order to seek some help. Hearing about those blackmailing emails and phone calls, and terrifying gifts from the blackmailer, Manav took Tashi to the police station. Initially, she refused to go fearing that the blackmailer had kept an eye on her every move but later agreed to lodge a complaint against the blackmailer. Finally, within two days of lodging the complaint, the police could get hold of “Amish Grover” who was later identified as a serial blackmailer. At last, Tashi lived a confident life and the blackmailer was behind the bars.

My views:

1. The language was perspicuous and I thoroughly enjoyed reading it. This is definitely a very good read.

2. This book is YA crime thriller fiction novella but the story has a resemblance to a true incident.

3. This book sets the perfect definition of a binge-read worthy.

4. To be honest, I’m a bit disappointed looking at the book cover- I feel it could have been more alluring based on the story.

5. Overall, the concept and the narration were excellent.

To know more about “What did Tashi do?”, go grab one and start reading right away.

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