The Brown briefcase

Life is wonderful. Isn’t it? As someone rightly said, God cannot be everywhere so he created mother. What is that one thing which you love the most about your mother?

I know a post can’t make any difference in your love for your mom but why not appreciate their efforts and spread our love for them.

I appreciate the author for shedding light on mother’s love. This story clearly reflects that nothing is more powerful than a mother’s unconditional love and nothing as healing as child’s soul. It dares and crashes down all things remorselessly that stands in the way of her child’s life.

The plot displays the life of a happily wedded couple Nitya and Chirag who was desperately wishing for a child. Despite various medications, Nitya was unable to conceive. Her mother in law being aware of their condition started caring for them secretly as she didn’t want to hurt Nitya asking directly about their problems but somehow Nitya misunderstood her mother in law. Not only this, her mother in law didn’t want them to go through the same pain which she suffered from once, thirteen years back! Later, Nitya finds a diary in a brown briefcase which her mother -in law had kept very discreetly. After going through that diary, she was drenched in tears of guilt. The guilt of misunderstanding her mother in law’s love and doubting her care. But till then, it was late! Too late!

What do you think have happened thirteen years back? What must have happened to her mother in law? Did something unforeseen happen to her or do you think Nitya was be able to cherish her mother in law’s love and affection?

Grab a copy of the book to know more about it.

My views:

  • The plot was a fast paced and I was able to complete it in one sitting.
  • Not only the cover speak for itself and tells a lot about the story but the story actually is deeper than that and is capable enough to draw a reader’s attention.
  • The narration was quiet simple yet as it was partially narrated in a diary format which is quite alluring.
  • It was undoubtedly an emotional read where I completely enjoyed a woman’s emotional journey of becoming a mother.

Therefore, I recommend it to all.

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