Done with her

“Love is an easy emotion, it seems now, but lust is not. You think you have tamed it. But think twice. Have you?”

Initially, this very line in the 1st paragraph left me wondering what this novel is all about- Is it a simple love- lust story with a crime scene or does it recount the readers about Karma that hits back?

Do you believe in Karma?

This story is all about a village girl who decides to assail those villainous beings who wracked and ruined her life.

One fine day in office, Avesh Mathur meets his new hot and stunning colleague “Spreeha Pandey”. For a moment or two, Avesh was aghast and timid, all at the same time, as he managed a glance of Spreeha. Why won’t he? He found an uncanny resemblance of Spreeha and Chanda which recalled him of his past that he always wanted to obscure.

Oh! I forgot to mention about Chanda. Two year back, Avesh Mathur with his two pervert friends Vrijen and Dheeraj did something horrendous in their village that obliterated two souls – Shivansh and Chanda. How can a person forget his own Karma?

Avesh thought Spreeha and Chanda might be the same person but his logic denied it, based on his past deed. He was madly falling for Spreeha. Is the girl he’s madly falling for as beautiful from inside as she is from outside? Or, some tragedy is awaiting Avesh’s way?

Luckily on that bloody night, a girl named “Nandu” from that village helped Chanda to survive that incident and collect all the necessary evidences of that horrendous incident. Later, Spreeha aka Chanda has planned to destroy Avesh, Vrijen and Dheeru’s life- exactly the same way as they did to those love birds “Chandu and Shivansh”.

Read the book to know what those perverts did to Chandu and Shivansh? Are they even alive?

My views:

▪️I enjoyed the plot as it was full of unexpected twists and turns which can easily keep the reader glued to the book.

▪️The story is a fast paced, short crime thriller with all the well-developed characters.

▪️The narration was blindingly well polished. The reader can actually feel the scenes played with the characters around them.

▪️I felt a bit disappointed with the cover of the book. I feel it would have been more alluring with some crime scenes pictured on it.

▪️I must appreciate the author’s message to all the women. It goes like this –
“Stand up to the wrong being done to you. Voice your opinion. Fight. Face your fears. And never ever think that you are weak because you are a woman. Tell yourself – ‘I’m not just another girl. I will make a difference”.

Lastly, instead of being a debut novel @chirashreebose has presented an excellent read.

Thumbs up from my side. 👍


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