ONCE THERE WAS ME – Book review

Once there was me - A soul stirring tale. After reading this book, I decided to do a quick research on “1984 anti Sikh riot” as my curious little mind wanted to know more about the riot. While flipping over few articles, these heart clenching lines grabbed my attention:"Forgive yes, if one sincerely seeks pardon … Continue reading ONCE THERE WAS ME – Book review


#QOTD: Do you love reading realistic and bold YA novels? Terrifying and dark, Black Forest by J Scott Boyd sets itself as an engaging young-adult mystery thriller. This book unveils an action packed plot where things have been pretty bleak for fifteen-year-old, Jack Larson since the day his father walked out the door and never … Continue reading BLACK FOREST


A parable aimed to embody: “Strength lies in togetherness”. Over the weekend, I completed “JAZEERA” by Yash Pawarkar. This is a fictional story inspired by multiple historical true events, especially those related to the Murud Janjira fort in Maharashtra. The author has beautifully coalesced his imagination with facts which made the plot really fascinating. Believe … Continue reading JAZEERA

Startup secrets from the Ramayana

Hello everyone!Today I am back with my review on the book “Startup secrets from the Ramayana” written by Prachi Garg and published by Sristi Pub. As the name suggests, this book inscribes the stories that are inspired from Ramayana to capture the celebrated wisdom of the God. At the crux, the plot unfolds the story … Continue reading Startup secrets from the Ramayana

Irrationally Passionate

Today I’m presenting my review of the book “Irrationally passionate” written by a passionate entrepreneur “Jason Kothari” and published by HarperCollins Publisher . The book portrays the turnaround journey of the author from a rebel to an entrepreneur. No entrepreneur's path is ever a straight line. In this book, the author shares his experiences, what … Continue reading Irrationally Passionate